Residential Elevator Maintenance Agreement

1. The service to be provided under and pursuant to this Agreement will consist of an examination of the elevator on an annual basis. Such service will include the following:
(1) Clean and grease all major parts;
(2) Inspect and check all safety features;
(3) Inspect and check floor alignment;
(4) Inspect and check cab and frame rail; and
(5) Clean elevator pit and exterior elevator cab.

2. No work or materials, except those specified above, will be furnished to the owner.

3. The compensation provided for in this Agreement contemplates all work to be done during regular working days.

4. Should any repairs or services be required other than those covered by this Agreement, a separate charge will be made upon proper authorization. Prior to making any repairs, the company will check the status of any warranty that may be in effect and if the repairs are not covered by a warranty, the company will provide the owner with an estimate of the cost and obtain approval for any repairs.

5. The company will not under any circumstances be liable under or by reason of this Agreement directly or indirectly for any accident, injury, breakage, or damage to the elevator or any machinery, appliances, or property connected with the elevator. Company will not, under any circumstances, be liable under or by reason of this Agreement directly or indirectly for any accident or injury to any person or persons whomsoever, except its employees, while riding on or being in or about the elevator however caused. Company will not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage, detention, or delay in furnishing materials or failure to perform the inspection and maintenance service as provided in this Agreement when caused by fire, flood, strike, acts of civil or military authorities, or by insurrection or riot, or by any other cause that is unavoidable or beyond its control or in any event for consequential damages.